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One of the highlights of Macworld 2008 for me was attending Merlin Mann’s presentation on ‘Time & Attention‘. The session was originally labelled ‘Living With Data’ so many attendees were surprised not to be learning about backing up their files etc. It is a testament to Merlin’s presentation skills and his obvious passion for the […]

The diminutive Macbook Air must be Apples most controversial product in years. Designing a subnotebook is an exercise in compromise. By it’s very nature, certain features must be left out or cut back to achieve the compact form factor that subnotebook users demand. Each persons opinion of the Macbook Air is determined by whether the […]

A Long Walk


In previous years I have flown into San Francisco the evening before Macworld begins and then suffered badly at the hands of jet lag for the whole week. This year I decided to fly out four days earlier so I had some time to adjust before Macworld started. This left me with some free time […]