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Northern Lights


The northern lights must be one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon known to man, yet they are notoriously difficult to capture on film. However, Sigurdur H. Stefnisson seems to have perfected the art. These stunning photos of were all taken in Iceland over the last 20 years. Advertisements

A Long Walk


In previous years I have flown into San Francisco the evening before Macworld begins and then suffered badly at the hands of jet lag for the whole week. This year I decided to fly out four days earlier so I had some time to adjust before Macworld started. This left me with some free time […]

I have uploaded a new widescreen wallpaper to This photo was taken on the corner of Montgomery Street and Clay Street at about 2pm. I was blessed for the duration of my week long trip with fantastic weather (especially for January!). Lots of my past work can also be downloaded for use as desktop […]

San Francisco is probably my favorite city. I have been fortunate enough to visit SF annually for the last 7 years and while I have frequented most of the more famous tourist attractions I have never visited Alcatraz. Being an active member of the Mac community I follow the musings of technology journalist Andy Ihnatko […]