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Northern Lights


The northern lights must be one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon known to man, yet they are notoriously difficult to capture on film. However, Sigurdur H. Stefnisson seems to have perfected the art. These stunning photos of were all taken in Iceland over the last 20 years. Advertisements

My favorite gadget? Easy. My iPhone. It goes everywhere with me. Sure it has faults but compared to every other cellphone on the market it kicks butt. But while the iPhone has lived up to my expectations, the earbuds that ship with it haven’t. I guess I could be considered a headphone snob. I have […]

O2 have today announced that it is revamping the cost of it’s monthly tariffs for iPhone users. Effective 1st Feb for new customers and by mid-March for existing customers, the new deal will give up to three times as many free calls and text messages for the same monthly fee. All existing iPhone users will […]