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After several months of use, my largest gripe with the new range of MacBooks and MacBook Pros is the new buttonless trackpad. The first month was plagued by a bug that prevented trackpad clicks being registered reliably. While this was extremely frustrating it always felt like a software issue that could be resolved in time. […]

Being someone who has a fetish about notebooks, I was excited to see what Steve Jobs had in store for Apples line of portable Macs when he took to the stage on 14th October 2008. Rewinding to March 2003, and I was one of the first to pick up the 17 inch PowerBook. In its […]

Apple have finally released a fix for the core shutdown issues plaguing MacBook Air owners. The support notes warns third party apps that alter the voltage or characteristics of the CPU are incompatible with the patch and that they should be removed before the update is applied. Although not mentioned by name, this warning is […]

Jason Snell over at has posted a video covering the issues surrounding the MacBook Air core shutdown problem I detailed a few months ago. Like me, Jason has seen a marked improvement following the installation of Coolbook‘. Since my original post I am happy to report that I have seen no real side effects […]

One of the features I was most looking forward to when I ordered my MacBook Air was multi-touch and after 4 months heavy use I can report that my excitement was only partially justified. Some gestures have become second nature, while others feel decidedly unnatural. But as I have become accustomed to certain trackpad commands […]

I have been using a MacBook Air as my sole laptop for a month or so now. In general I feel very positive about my experience with it. However, there is one issue that seems to be plaguing myself and other MacBook Air owners. When taxing the CPU for extended periods, the MacBook Air shuts […]

Apple have just upgraded their Airport Express to 802.11n. The previous model was only 802.11g. Apple claims a 5x speed improvement over the old version although in my experience users are more likely to get about three times the throughput; a nice speed bump nevertheless. The new Airport Express also boasts twice the range and […]

The MacBook Air is the latest in a long line of Apple notebooks to find a home at ‘Chez Randtoul’. Until its arrival I had considered the MacBook Pro to be the gold standard for build quality in a notebook. However, there are a few issues with the MacBook Pro, caused by less-than-perfect design. 1) […]

The diminutive Macbook Air must be Apples most controversial product in years. Designing a subnotebook is an exercise in compromise. By it’s very nature, certain features must be left out or cut back to achieve the compact form factor that subnotebook users demand. Each persons opinion of the Macbook Air is determined by whether the […]

My favorite gadget? Easy. My iPhone. It goes everywhere with me. Sure it has faults but compared to every other cellphone on the market it kicks butt. But while the iPhone has lived up to my expectations, the earbuds that ship with it haven’t. I guess I could be considered a headphone snob. I have […]