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A fantastic yet troubling article that details the battle against Conficker, surely one of the cleverest pieces of malware yet written. A worm that lays dormant on millions of Windows PC’s, silently awaiting instructions from its creator years after it was first discovered. The Enemy Within Advertisements

This man really cares about the details…

For many years I have suffered at the hands of the standard UK power plug. Bulky and unweildy, it makes a mockery of any attempt to travel light. I have yet to find a notebook case that copes well with the size and shape of it. As laptops become slimmer its design failings only become […]

Following the end of O2’s exclusivity deal with Apple for UK distribution of the iPhone, the company has begun to offer an unlocking service to customers.    Customers tied into pay monthly contracts with O2 can unlock at any time free of charge. However, they are still obliged to continue paying the monthly tariff until […]

A while ago I wrote about ‘Multiclutch‘, an add-on that allowed users to customise and add to the built in multitouch gestures on Apple notebooks. But there were a few limitations. Firstly, it only worked within Cocoa apps. This ruled out commonly used software like iTunes and Photoshop. Secondly, Multiclutch relied on ‘input managers’ to […]

I have been tinkering with a new Mac Mini Server recently installed at our studio. While I consider myself tech savvy, I don’t pretend to be an expert on such subjects as DNS configurations, advanced firewalls, VPN and NAT. So while trying to setup the server as a gateway between the web and our office, […]