Why Is Adobe Software Updater A CPU Hog?


adobe_cs3_icons.jpgYou may have come here looking for an answer to the question above. If so, sorry. I wish I knew. How can a company as large and well respected as Adobe justify releasing a software updater that uses 100% of CPU resources from the minute it launches until the moment it quits? Indeed, that question can be added to other Adobe-related gripes, like why Illustrator takes forever to load even on a quad core Mac Pro? Or why my Version Cue database slows Bridge to a crawl if there are more than 100 projects? Or why using Dreamweaver CS3 on a Mac is akin to wading through treacle. For the love of God, Adobe. If you are going to charge thousands of dollars for your software, spend some of that revenue on ironing out it’s countless bugs because one day there might be a viable alternative. And if that happens you can kiss goodbye to my cash.

One Response to “Why Is Adobe Software Updater A CPU Hog?”

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    Adobe Illustrator is also using 100% of the cpu on my macbook. This is a trial version, but doesn’t even complete tasks (gives error message after a long wait). What is going on?

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