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O2 have today announced that it is revamping the cost of it’s monthly tariffs for iPhone users. Effective 1st Feb for new customers and by mid-March for existing customers, the new deal will give up to three times as many free calls and text messages for the same monthly fee. All existing iPhone users will […]

Plowing through my RSS feeds this morning I can across this 360 degree panorama of a brand new Airbus A380 cockpit. Don’t forget to use the zoom button to check out what all of those buttons and VDU’s do. And is that hatch behind the copilots seat really stuck down with red gaffer tape? Check […]

Being a geek I tend to travel with more gadgets than clothes. The first two items I grab are my Macbook Pro and my iPhone. I then proceed to pack the many cables and power bricks required to keep me online for the duration of my trip. Booking a hotel with complimentary wifi is high […]

Andy Ihnatko shot 600 photos on the opening day of Macworld 2008 and squeezed them all into a 2 minute long video. For Macworld attendees the result is nostalgic trip back to 15th January. And for those that didn’t attend the result is fascinating nevertheless. Watch Andy’s video on YouTube.

I have uploaded a new widescreen wallpaper to This photo was taken on the corner of Montgomery Street and Clay Street at about 2pm. I was blessed for the duration of my week long trip with fantastic weather (especially for January!). Lots of my past work can also be downloaded for use as desktop […]

At last years ‘All Things Digital’ Conference Steve Jobs labelled Apple TV ‘a hobby’, playing down the significance of the product and lowering expectations for it’s future. it is rare for Jobs to comment on such matters but I believe he did so as a damage limitation exercise. It has become clear in the months […]

While at this years Macworld in San Francisco I was privileged to be invited to give my impressions of the show on the Macworld podcast. Senior Editor Rob Griffiths interviews Riccardo Ettore of Ettore Software and myself about the keynote, the Macbook Air, the show floor and the transition to Intel. You can catch the […]