The Road To MacWorld SF


It seems like only last week I was sat in the pouring rain outside the Moscone Center at 4am in the morning. Yet it has been almost a year since I attended my first MacWorld conference. My twelve hour flight from London touched down at SFO the afternoon before the conference. So I was pretty jet-lagged at 3am when I clambered out of bed and called a cab to take me across town. After traveling half way around the world I didn’t intend on missing the opening morning keynote. My plan was to guarantee my place by being first in the queue at 3:30am. As I sat in the cab watching the deserted and windswept Embarcadero pass me by I wondered whether another few hours in bed would have been a better plan.

The cab dropped me off at the end of the street leaving me a 300 yard walk to the center’s entrance. As I got closer I was baffled by what appeared to be lots of little white lights lining the pavement. As I got closer still I began to recognize the familiar glow of Apple logos on the lids of countless Powerbooks. It seemed that 4am was not quite early enough to secure a place at the front of the queue.

The fellow mac users in line were seasoned veterans. Equipped with extension cables, blankets and flasks of coffee I was starting to feel out of my depth and very much the newbie. Yet I was welcomed into the clan with the offer of a power outlet for my notebook, a donut and hot drink. So what would I have needed to do to be at the head of the line? Such a distinction belonged to a guy from New Zealand who was slouched against the glass facade of the Moscone Center in a sleeping bag having spent nearly 24 hours fielding questions from bemused passers by and graciously acknowledging nods of admiration from fellow MacWorld attendees.

So as MWSF ’06 approaches, do I intend on trying to better last years winner from NZ? Not likely. But I will again be queuing in the dark with the other veterans and I will be keeping an eye out for the lone newbie with the offer a hot coffee and bite to eat.

One Response to “The Road To MacWorld SF”

  1. Hi this is ADam Jackson of I found your blog via technorati and wanted to say hi and welcome you to some of our events for Macworld. has a MWSF link at the top of the page. feel free to contact me if you would like to take part or help me out with picure taking things. either way Hope to see you there!

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