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Steve Jobs declared that the first Intel Macs would be available mid-2006 yet the consensus seems to be that Jobs will unveil the first ‘MacIntel’ as early as January 10th when he takes to the stage for his obligatory keynote…. The ability to dual boot between Windows and Mac OS X may well be a boon for the wary switcher or the poor soul who depends on a Windows-only app. And then, of course, there is the likely speed improvements…. After all, browsing the web and emailing your friends and family can be handled effortlessly by a first-gen iMac G3.Of much more importance to non-geeks is the gradual migration from the office to the lounge.


My twelve hour flight from London touched down at SFO the afternoon before the conference so I was pretty jet-lagged at 3am when I clambered out of bed and called a cab to take me across town…. As I sat in the cab watching the deserted and windswept Embarcadero pass me by I wondered whether another few hours in bed would have been a better plan.The cab dropped me off at the end of the street leaving me a 300 yard walk to the center’s entrance…. Having spent nearly 24 hours fielding questions from bemused passers by and graciously acknowledging nods of admiration from fellow MacWorld attendees.So as MWSF ’06 approaches, do I intend on trying to better last years winner from NZ?